News and Commentary

June 7th 2023
Rack Em Stack Em Game still in works.

This page is specifically to comment on recent tech news, but for this first post it's a bit of dev and news.

Recently I decided to part ways with Twitter at a personal and professional level.
If you see my old accounts active after June 7th 2023, it's not me and should be reported unless this page gets updated to reflect me rejoining at a later date.
Unfortunately, the site has continued to spiral down the hate speech path and I can't support a site that pushes that type of material.
In addition attacking users, and alienating your ad rev customers is seriously bad optics from a commercial perspective.
As a result at this time Rack Em Stack Em Game, is not on twitter, nor will it be advertised there until such time they turn things around if ever.

Additionally we're seeing similar waves over on Reddit.  The site has had questionable moderation practices in the past, but recently has decided to lock out third party applications which many users rely on for various use cases.  We continue to watch this unfolding situation and will make a decision based on future events rather than pull away from it at this time.

The subreddits I control for this effort are closed at this time to prevent spam and harassment which I've sustained over the last several years from unknown parties.  And as a result of a few folks attempting to use Rack Em Stack Em Game's discord as a safe place for hate speach when I was offline I've also locked that discord out.  All users were expelled several weeks to months ago as a precaution.  I won't tollerate hate speech, or imagery of any kind on there.  Originally I had created a politics channel for folks to have open discussions to cover the ever changing cyber security, and how governments are changing their oversight of web and tech, but that's come to an end.  Several individuals spread hate speech, and several asked how to "hack" public infrastructure in vague terms as "hypotheticals".  Unfortunately with my career background in defense and military work, I couldn't allow that to continue as it wasn't hypothetical.

In addition, a few indivduals have taken it upon themselves to "keep tabs" on me via various social media aspects.  In one person's case they used sock accounts to attack me on reddit, and attempt to dehumanize me repeatedly.

Again, reddit being reddit, I was not protected nor safe from this individual or group.

Their skills enabled them to further create various paths of harassment in an attempt to commit a psychological attack campaign on my person, and in a few instances my family.  It's still on going as I am now inundated with phishing emails exceeding 50 a day now.

So, as a result of these compounding events, I made the decision to lock down my various communication channels for both personal and this game effort.

The effort is still going, slowly, but going.  I can't go less than approximately 8-12hrs before my brain screams at me to get back to it outside of my day job.

I do hope to release a demo or playable alpha of the game loop sometime in 2024 or sooner if possible, but folks will have to remain patient as it's just me.

I have no budget, I have no team, and I'm very limited on creative art and coding at this time so majority of the work is using COTS options as best as possible to get us there.

Have a good summer!